Abierto el plazo de inscripción al curso de Cine Documental en DOHA

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27/03/2017 12:33h
ARENA COMUNICACION. Curso documental Pablo Iraburu
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Pablo y Miguel estarán impartiendo en Doha un curso de cine documental los próximos meses de abril y mayo.
Aquí tenéis toda la información.
Y una breve descripción del curso:
Making documentaries is much more than just filming what surrounds us. Is a way of understanding the world, a tool to make it a better place, an art where to find your own voice. This intensive workshop is designed to introduce young students into the world of documentary filmmaking. First, by watching and discussing, they will discover the possibilities of the genre. They will learn how to look at reality and where to find powerful stories. They will be trained to open their eyes to reality and to themselves, helping them in finding their own and unique way of telling real stories

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