Making of about the final credits of Arena’s documentary “Elkarrekin-Together”

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09/01/2018 10:31h
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In Arena we like to make things ok. Sometimes, this means doing them handmade.
For the final credits of our documentary film “Elkarrekin-Together”” we used and old but also fascinating technology: X Ray.
The film is about whalers, finding hidden things and looking for what is under the ground. Thus, we made radiographs of fishes. The process was really dirty and disgusting.
We had the help of Hospital Veterinario Pamplona. Thanks a lot to Amai Cia, the director of the center.
Cristina García was in charge of the art direction and, as always, Miguel Garcia made the postproduction work. You can see the final result in this video.
Oh, another thing we want to add. As always, things look better with the fantastic music of Mikel Salas. For this last theme song, he had the collaboration of Marcos Martínezthe drummer of the recently dissapeared music group Dawn of the Maya.


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