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22/10/2018 13:39h
Web Mikel Salas
Web Mikel Salas
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Many times, when we have to explain our movies, we have to recognize that the soundtrack is very responsible of the emotions that the film provoques. Much more than the audience thinks. And always our soundtrack is from the same author, it doesn’t matter if the action is at the Himalaya, in SouthAfrica or in Jordan. The music, allways unique and allways great, is allways from Mikel Salas.
As us, a lot of directors and producers know that working with Mikel means giving high level to your creation. It’s curious that Mikel, who has been working in music since some many years, hasn’t got a website were show his profile until today.
Now he has it. We have taken care of the design and we have launched the web. If you are a producer or a director, you will find the key of the success of your movies there. From fiction films of Félix Viscarret to the recent premiered “Another day of life” of Kanaki Films. As you browse the web or listen his musical work by Spotify, you can discover an incredible sound universe, always in the service of telling a story and with a mix of handmade craft and digital paranoia.
You are welcome to the website, open your ears to a huge amount of evocative images and moving stories.

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