Ueli Steck has died.

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02/05/2017 13:43h
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For some time in Arena, when spring comes, we focus on the movements of the "14 iñaki´s rescuers". Everyone continues to do what they really love: climbing mountains. Nine years later everyone continues to carry out incredible challenges. Each spring our hearts shiver a little, but we know it will always be like this, year after year. In fact, must be like this. They need the energy of the mountains and we need the experiences and the example they transmit to us.
On Saturday, from the Everest base camp bad news came. A team of sherpas found the lifeless body of Ueli Steck at the foot of the Nuptse mountain.
Ueli was the only one who arrived to Iñaki, who relieved Horia and saved him, who cared until the end of Iñaki. You have been much Ueli, and you left us because you have done what you really wanted. You told us when we met in Interlaken:
"In life there are many simple things that we forget. In the mountains we realize what is really important ... You have a period of time to be on earth. And you should do something that you really like to do and just live. Sit in front of the television, I don´t know, it is not something very exciting. If you do what you really love so you feel that you are living"
Your swiss watch has stopped, but we keep all the hours and minutes that you have lived. As Iñaki used to say: This is life, Ueli!


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