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16/11/2017 11:02h
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Our last production finally arrives at the cinemas of our city, Pamplona. We've already told you something about the movie, "Together". Now it's time for you to see it (if you like it) Before you see it, we remind you of one key fact: it is not a project born in Arena, it is an assignment that we have resolved with the professionalism and affection that we put into everything we do. So try to distinguish the content from the continent, although in the good cinema is usually difficult to separate it. We have been in charge of telling a story and transmitting a message. Do you think it has worked out well?. The story and the message can not be attributed to us, that is the merit of our client, who commissioned the film. Now you know: if you have something to tell-and how to finance it-you know where we are.


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