See you tomorrow, God willing! The new documentary film produced by Arena

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08/11/2017 14:45h
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Today, finally, we can reveal to you a secret that we have kept for more than a year. Arena has produced a new documentary film. It is titled "See You Tomorrow, God Willing".
We have kept it secret because it is a unique, peculiar and very personal project. It is directed by Ainara Vera, it is her idea, and Arena has produced it, with the support, in the development phase, of our Norwegian friends from Sant & Usant.
The fact is that the shooting - if you see the trailer, you will understand - needed silence, privacy and extreme calm. So we have been helping Ainara in the shade, in the editing room, in that quiet and always hidden work that is production, with Itziar García leading.
Now that we can share the result with you, we can tell you one thing: it's a beautiful movie.


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