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29/05/2018 12:11h
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Shortly after releasing our movie Pura Vida in 2012, we began to receive many requests from schools and institutes interested in projecting the film and thus be able to work with the students in different classes around the values ​​that emerge from it. The charisma of Iñaki and the rest of rescuers permeate the 83 minutes of the film with a message that can be summed up in one sentence: "live life intensely". Through Alexei, Horia, Don, Nancy, Denis, Ueli, Sergei and all the others, the story of Iñaki has served to motivate and help many people. So this post has no other intention than to give all teachers this teaching unit, a PDF that can help you when teaching your classes and use Pura Vida as an example. We hope you get all the benefit possible. Can you imagine that instead of changing soccer cards at school, the children will change mountain stickers, routes and climbers? Chromos with the faces of Alexei, Don, Denis, Iñaki ... Possibly everything would work much better :)

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