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18/05/2021 09:06h
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Years ago we filmed the wall that the state of Israel is building in Palestinian territory. During the shooting, we saw the settlements, silently and unstoppably advancing in the West Bank. The wall is much more than a symbol, it is a real, gigantic, monstrous and violent object. And it is not a static object, it moves slowly and silently. Drown Gaza and invade the West Bank. The wall and the settlements are made of the same cement. These days we watch the news helplessly and outraged. In a few seconds they show us a collapsing building, the screams of a mother, the violence against the people of Sheikh Jarrah. Neither Spain nor the European Union nor the world does anything. When the world stops looking, the wall will still be there, its injustice will continue to advance with relentless violence, without mercy and without noise. “The Nakba was not just an event; it is a permanent condition of our existence”. Muna dajani. 

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