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26/01/2018 12:41h
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Elisabeh Hawley, Miss Hawley, the notary of the Himalayas, the woman with the most extensive database on conquests and deeds in the world of the great mountains has passed away. Installed in Nepal for decades, a good friend of Sir Edmund Hillary, he has died at the age of 94 in Katamandú, his home. In Arena we had the honor of meet her on two occasions, when we were shooting the story of Iñaki Ochoa, Pura Vida, and a year later when we shot the show for TVE2, Desafío 14 + 1 el Everest sin O2, with Edurne Pasaban. Miss Hawaley has been a legend. We would have loved to do a biopic with her, but it's too late. From Arena, as a tribute, we want to share the two moments, which we have joined together in a video, in which we were lucky enough to interview her and share a few minutes. PURA VIDA MISS HAWLEY!.

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