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04/07/2014 15:28h
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Arena Comunicación


Next week we close Arena. In our small and boring town, Pamplona, it ​​starts a party which is all that the city is not for the rest of the year. A few years ago we reflect that wonder in a serie of videos produced for a museum that was never created (what a pity for the museum). These images were sleeping in a drawer. Until today. Pamplona City Council has dusted the material, it has put an awful music and it has published it online (the infamous texts describing each video are not ours). We're glad you can finally see what we did, there are beautiful images. With this work we wanted to reflect the life of the party, which remains year after year, that is not written and it is not responding to any show, and that belongs exclusively to who lives the party. Here you can see some of our videos. They look better by removing the youtube sound and chosing in Spotify something nice, something that makes you happy and smile.

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