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26/04/2017 10:25h
ARENA COMUNICACION participa en el programa LANDARTE
ARENA COMUNICACION participa en el programa LANDARTE
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Yesterday was presented in Pamplona “Landarte”, the new program that the Directorate General of Culture of the Government of Navarre is launching.
"Landarte" mixes the art and the rurality along different points of the Navarrese geography. The idea is to involve the negihbors of different localities in creative processes of different artistic disciplines.

We were asked for help for the artistic part that has to do with audiovisual creation. Arena took aim without thinking. Participatory processes always are rewarding. And something innovative and original as Landarte may be the seed of something very interesting for the future in Navarre, which will undoubtedly help to bring
the culture to the whole world, not only to consume it, but to be part of it. So we are very happy to be able to help in this first edition of Landarte.
We are working with the inhabitants of Gallipienzo to give shape to a work of collective creation, with these ingredients: Terry Gilliam, short films created by the people of the town, and the ARENA’s wickers to unite all of it.

We hope there would be many more editions of this initiative of Participatory Art. Long life!
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