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03/10/2016 13:08h
GUIDE DOC. The Ridge online
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Dear friends, GuideDoc is here!
The work that has been developing for some time our friend Victor Correal comes true. All can download the application that provides access to the best documentary database. But it is not only a database, also because you can see them. It's like having IMDB and NETFLIX in the same platform, and only documentary film. Something really great. We are also very pleased to see in his first cover our documentary Pura Vida. Victor, the soul of the fabulous GuideDoc refers to Pablo in one of the chapters of his successful podcast "no es asunto vuestro." We take this opportunity to recommend strongly that you should follow to the podcast, there you will learn what to do to move forward with an idea in which you have faith. It makes us special pleasure out in Chapter 7, which is entitled "the future". Because the future of the documentary has a lot to do with GuideDoc.

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