EAST WEST. Arena’s team shooting in Qatar desert during the DocLab that we have being mentoring thanks to Doha Film Institute.

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02/06/2017 11:29h
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Arena Comunicación, Documentary, Shooting


A few weeks ago we were shooting in the middle of the desert, in Qatar. The place was amazing. We were there mentoring a project by a young and really promising filmmaker, Oussama Ait El Qadi. During the shooting Oussama filmed a shot that later decided not to include in his film: the camera moves and shakes too much, it was fixed to a car mount and we were driving quite fast off road. But we believe that what could look like a mistake can become something new and interesting if you accept it and use it in the right way. The terrible rolling shutter becomes a very interesting effect when you start to look at the amazing sculptures of Richard Serra like what they really are: non natural objects in the middle of a surreal surrounding. The music by Mikel Salas does the rest. This is part of the DocLabwe have been mentoring at Doha with the amazing people of Doha Film Institute.


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