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15/04/2019 12:05h
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Today, April 29, is the international day of dance, something that happens since 1982. This day was chosen because it was the birth date of Jean-Georges Noverre, teacher and creator of modern ballet. Dance is an art and an activity that has served and serves as a vehicle of expression throughout the world, a vital need intrinsic to the human being. In Arena we understand it and throughout our career we have worked on projects where dance is the central axis of the story we are telling. For this reason, we believe it is the best day to communicate that two of our projects will be available on Filmin.es starting today, April 29th. This is "Oskara", a documentary directed by Iñaki Alforja and Pablo Iraburu, who travels through the process of creating the dance show with the same name, and who won three Max awards in the 2017 edition. Kukai Dantza , awarded with the National Dance Prize in that same year, is the main protagonist of the film. It will also be available "Hasta mañana si Dios quiere", a film directed by Ainara Vera and produced by Arena Comunicación, where we dance for 62 minutes with 17 octogenarian women who live in a convent in a Spanish city. We share with you the viewing links and we leave you here both trailers. Oskara FiminHMSDQ FilminOskara TrailerHMSDQ Trailer.Two stories, two films that honor the day in which we share them with all of you, so you know: Dance, dance damn!!


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