Next documentary film from ARENA, takes part in the Creative Europe programme.

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04/04/2017 12:31h
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We are at the begining of our next big Project. We can’t tell nothing yet, now, it is still only at the embryonic stage, where it is necessary to set the creative and production bases. We are doing it hand in hand with Creative Europe programme. Our project has been selected from many others and now we are attending to workshops and consultancies within the SOURCES 2 programme. This it will be really helpful to start our work from a coherence and powerful base. We will share with you something in the future, when the project begins to take shape, right now we have a lot of work to get through.
Thanks a lot to all the team from Media Desk Euskadi for their management, and Miguel Machalski and Edgard Tenembaum for their advices.

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