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05/07/2018 12:54h
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Finally (you have asked us many questions about this project) we can share a little more information about our next documentary, "Cholitas". Jaime Murciego, who proposed the idea, will direct it together with Pablo Iraburu. Here you have a small preview. The world now needs stories like this more than ever. We are impatient to start filming. We will tell you more as the project progresses. We will even give you the opportunity to make this adventure possible thanks to a crowdfunding operation that we will present later. Now we continue with the search for financing, coproduction and pre-sales, in the hands of FeelSales. Everybody loves this story, who is not fascinated by leaning slightly into the world of these women? We want you to dive into their universe, their challenges and their motivations, we want to discover with them an example to challenge stereotypes and live in a free, intense and happy way.


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