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27/06/2018 14:03h
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In this Sunny Side of the Doc edition (held every year in La Rochelle), for the first time in all these past years that we have submitted projects, Arena had a very important date.
Our project “Cholitas” was selected for the “Pitch Sessions” within the “Social&Human Interest” space, among hundreds of projects submitted.
Yesterday the pitch session of the 7 projects programmed within this topic was held. Jaime Murciego –codirector of the film with Pablo Iraburu- and Itziar García Zubiri –production director- explained “Cholitas” in front of an audience of more than 100 professionals: distributors, broadcasters and producers; trying to convey the potential of reaching a global interest with an intimate story like this one. The reception among the public was very positive, and there were several broadcasters that showed their true interest in knowing about the project and valuing it for programming. The exhibitors were from France, USA, Ireland, United Kingdom, Mexico or Colombia, among others.
It has been 10 years since the first time Itziar went to this market, and the annual meeting to present Arena projects has been held, under the Basque Audiovisual umbrella. We always come back with many tips and some new contacts or contracts, in the best case.
Sunny Side of the Doc is perhaps the most interesting and complete specialized documentary market in Europe. Being one of the most important for us because of the many possibilities of network of professionals and commissioning editors in France. For 28 years, more than 2000 professionals from 60 countries come here to share their projects with more than 350 funders and sales agents who come every year to the market.
We will continue saving the date in June to meet again with “the regulars”, in Sunny, and already friends in Basque Audiovisual, and find new potential travel companions. We hope that in 2019 we will go with Cholitas turned into a beautiful movie.

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