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16/04/2018 11:22h


For many years now, at Arena we fell in love with mountains. After producing Pura Vida and the TVE program with Edurne Pasaban, we were touched by the stories and the epic that surrounds the highest pics of the planet. Recently, thanks to Jaime Murciego, we have known a beautiful story. It is the chronicle of a unique expedition in the world: its objective is to climb the highest mountain in America, Mount Aconcagua. The surprising thing is that the expedition consists of six Bolivian indigenous women: their adventure will show the world a different and inspiring way of being a woman, of living the tradition, of relating to Mother Nature. "Cholitas" is the name of a project that begins its journey. We will present and pitch, as we anticipated last week, during the next edition of Docs Barcelona. It is a long way that we hope to succed, we hope to reach the top of Mount Aconcagua.

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