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19/02/2018 09:53h
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The lynching to which Oxfam is being subjected these days makes us unworthy. The withdrawal of aid, the fierce, morbid and constant criticism in the media, the flight of donors and partners constitute an absolutely disproportionate reaction to the unfortunate events that took place in Haiti. As in Arena, we dedicate ourselves to communication, we know that reality is much more complex than the story they tell us. The fact that Oxfam is one of the few NGOs that dare to directly criticize the actions of certain governments has a lot to do with what is happening now. Or the fact that Oxfam has denounced the sale of weapons by the British government to Saudi Arabia has nothing to do with all this? (Behind the miserable words of Minister Montoro is undoubtedly the fact that Oxfam Intermon denounces job insecurity in Spain) Our work as documentalists has taken us to remote places forgotten by the media, from India to Madagascar, from Bolivia to Thailand. And always, in places where injustice is shown in the most tragic way, we have met Oxfam people who work heroically, silently and effectively. We found that attitude on the other side of the world and also here, in the shops of fair trade, in the commitment of the teams that work in communication and campaigns, in the selfless work of hundreds of volunteers. In all of them we find the opposite of what we see in the few cretins who organized the parties that have unleashed this storm years ago. From here, we encourage you to have criteria, to distinguish between reality and the story that you are selling us. The reality is that Oxfam's work is now more necessary than ever. The millions of people for whom Oxfam works, the people who suffer from hunger, persecution and injustice suffer the blows that Oxfam is suffering. The blows that are being given to Oxfam are promoted and enjoyed by those whom Oxfam has criticized for many years: governments that do not fight for social justice, companies that evade their fiscal obligations, organizations and people who are enriched by the poverty of the Others, communication that prefer to sell to the highest bidder than risk exposing injustice in the world. From Arena not only we encourage you not to follow the current, but to go against it. Become a member of Oxfam.

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