Alexei Bolotov has died on Everest

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15/05/2013 13:11h
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AlexeiBolotov has died on Everest. He was climbing with Denis Urubko. Both were opening a new path in the southwest face. As always, without oxygen, alone, in the pure and authentic climbing style he believed in. We met Alexei during the shooting of The Ridge. And he embodied the spirit that we wanted in the heart of our film. Alexei represented the essence of what we wanted to tell: a life that is pure, authentic, intense and real. His testimony is not only the core of our film, is something that transformed us who knew him. Alexei taught us that to live in perfect harmony with the world and with others was possible. We want to remind him today with something very simple, the memory of him skiing alone near his home. There, in the limit between the wild and the familiar, in perfect balance, is where he was happy.

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