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27/03/2018 12:15h


We have been collaborating for five years with a French production company based in Paris. It is called 7th Frame and its director is Jeremie Lecaudey. Thanks to him, every winter we work for the FIS (International Ski Federation) filming the annual World Cup championships of the different ski modalities: Alpine, Cross Country, Nordic Combined and Ski Jumping. With Jeremie we have recorded the Kite Surf PRK and the Taekwondo World Championship that took place in 2013 in Puebla, Mexico. Thanks to Jeremie we stay fresh by shooting high quality sports events that force us to be awake. To those of us who come from the documentary, it is good to accelerate the rhythm from time to time, forcing ourselves to be in shape and to be cold in uncomfortable situations. In the 7th Frame web site you can see a lot of videos that we have made with Jeremie. About 20 this last Winter.

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